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Good Evening, and welcome to another edition of WhiskyWednesday, the one day a week I divert down a rabbit hole accompanied by a glass of whisky to discuss more off-the-ramp ideas.

As per usual, feel free to mute, unfollow or ignore what is being said, I only do this once a week to spout my perspective on things, real or imagined…

Tonight’s episode will focus on a previous request to divulge a certain “Covid-Checklist” I created Jan.1 2021. It predicted certain events that would unfold as the year progressed. As I’ve checked off these predictions when they became actual reality, I’ve had requests to show the entire rest of the list and what is coming. I do this simply as a warning of what’s to come, nothing else. Sometimes, I’m right, sometimes I’m wrong.

Before we get into what is left on the “Covid Prediction List” I must explain why I made this list. Normally, like everyone else, I would just assume the things over the last year and half were random and not able to be predicted. This would not be the case as I received a certain phone call 5 years ago.

A mystery caller left a cryptic message that it was quite urgent that I call him back. His identity will remain protected. I suspected a prank caller, and never returned the call…but then I received an email…

In it I was told that it was extremely urgent I call him back as it had to do with my historical research. Having been contacted in the past with good leads from readers of my website, blog, articles and books concerning interesting historical sites and artifacts, I thought perhaps this person had an exciting new historical lead for me.

Instead, I was the recipient of a lengthy conversation concerning a grave event that would be unfolding in 2020 and that he needed my help regarding a location for a safe “bunker”. I was told an unstoppable event would soon collapse the world economy and that life as we know it was planned to be “reset” under a new system. The person wanted to build a facility that met certain requirements as a safehouse and because of my research into historical bunkers, etc., he wanted to know my opinion on a certain location. I gave him the info I knew. I was then told, “Listen, I know this all sounds crazy but when it happens you’ll know.” and before hanging up assured me I had a place in his bunker if I needed it. That was 2016, and here we are.

Immediately after that phone call I just just assumed it was a doomsday crackpot, and went about my business. Then it actually happened. Economy collapse and a restructuring with a new world order. Once you know the outcome, you will know what is happening next, and that is when I compiled my prediction list.

I then began my research looking into what might set the world on this path and came to the World Economic Forum’s “2030Vision”, and Klaus Schwab’s book “Covid-19 and the Great Reset” and the UN Agenda 2030 plan. Schwab is the founder and executive chairman of the World Economic Forum, and he makes it is quite clear the plan that is needs to be/being orchestrated, and how the stage is being set…the curtains have been drawn and so here’s what I think is coming next…

The WEF 2030Vision

“Unlocking the potential opportunity for technology to help make the Global Goals a reality over the next 10 years requires a system level change in priorities, and significant challenges to be overcome. We need to embrace innovation, not only in the development of new technologies, but also in how we do things. This includes new business models (platforms and ecosystems, marketplaces, digital commons), public and private collaborations, and incentives to ensure solutions are applied to solving our greatest social and environmental problems.”

“There is a huge untapped opportunity, therefore, to harness new technologies to accelerate progress on the Global Goals…”

“Digital Cooperation for a multi-stakeholder approach that brings together technology companies, government, civil society and international organisations leaders to collaborate on the responsible deployment of new technologies.”

This is their plan to implement a new system of Digital Identity using new technology to attain their stated goals.

The WEF Digital Identity

“To re-boot the global economy and re-connect society physically and virtually in a new reality, people will need to engage physically and digitally with public authorities and businesses.”

“Digital identities give the user control of their data – they provide clear audit trails and streamline how businesses and governments allow people to register and access their services and trade. It has great potential for online education, issuing employment credentials, fighting fraud or proving one’s health status.”

Proving one’s health status. What a coincidence.

The use of something called e-Estonia. “Invisible yet crucial, it allows the nation’s various public and private sector e-service information systems to link up and function in harmony.
Estonia’s e-solution environment includes a full range of services for the general public, and since each service has its own information system…To ensure secure transfers, all outgoing data is digitally signed and encrypted, and all incoming data is authenticated and logged.

“It connects different information systems that may include a variety of services. It has developed into a tool that can also write to multiple information systems, transmit large data sets and perform searches across several information systems simultaneously.”

A healthy digital identity network widens civic participation and supports societal advancement, a case in point would be the Estonian digital identity approach, which allows the nation’s public and private sector e-service information systems to link up and function in harmony.”

Their global plan is quite simple: Every citizen has a digital ID that links their health, banking, social, travel, voting, and communications to a central digital ID. This has always been the plan and COVID19 has been the Trojan Horse where it will be born from. In order for the plan to be universally accepted, certain major world leaders had to be in power that would unanimously agree to the plan, “Build Back Better”…you may have heard them all say in concerto.

This is the slogan of the World Economic Forum:

In order for the Digital ID system to be implemented successfully, a reliable and infallible network needed to be established to link everyone on Earth to this global ID system they wish to implement. This is why you saw rapid construction of 5G, StarLink and a push for greater “connectivity” by government so they can establish their “Smart Grids” that allows citizens and their ID to be tracked, traced and their data analyzed, movement and activity monitored.

This new Digital ID will not just track your personal, banking, shopping and social choices but will eventually be set up for Individual Carbon Footprint surveillance…you will soon be reprimanded for using up too much carbon in the name of climate change…travel too far, that’s a carbon negative score…Choose red meat in the grocery store, that bad for the environment and your Digital ID will be scored accordingly. Think of it like a rewards/punishment program. Do what is requested or face the consequences, all controlled by your shiny new Digital ID system.

Cities across the globe, including Ottawa, have been quietly setting up their own Smart City Grid network system as mentioned earlier here:

With ‘Health” being one of the monitored “channels” of your Digital ID, which I’m sure they will create some catchy trendy new name, like “LifePass” or “E-Link” etc. with cutesy cartoon characters to promote it, C19 is the perfect gateway to introducing this new global economic model they have had planned for some time, as found in the 2016 WEF document: A Blueprint for Digital Identity, link:

Many will applaud this incoming new Digital ID system as they think it will protect them from a virus, and who could blame them… the deaths, the suffering, the anxiety this virus has inflicted, inflated by a click-hungry hungry media that feeds on the fear of the masses. The government was setup as your protector, the one to guide you through this nightmare.

In order to mold a new world and system of control, the controllers must tap the base human emotion: fear. The coercive manipulation of a fear that has no seeming escape – ‘fright without solution’, a traumatic state that removes a person’s ability to think logically and clearly about the situation and thus take logical action to resolve it. The controllers never allow you to think there is any outside safety from the threat, and with your logical thinking removed, the controller can then introduce their own solutions.

Their solution will be proposed to alleviate anxiety and create a perceived “safe haven”, but never quite succeeding in completing the level of comfort expected…the dangling carrot or goalposts, constantly moving.

“You wear a mask for so long, you forget who you were beneath it.”

Many will welcome their upcoming new Digital ID as they believe it will keep them safe, and that’s fine, if that’s what you want to believe and it helps you cope, go for it. But this is not about your safety from a virus anymore, the vaccine was supposed to achieve that…what is coming is a Digital Social Credit system that will monitor, track, amd control your every move, your every purchase, your deeds, deemed good or bad by those that control it. They tout the new “Digital Passport” as temporary, and I can assure you with great certainty this is not a temporary system. Do you think they are going to spend billions of dollars on a system they intend to take away later? This is a new Global ID system that will become permanent for you, and your child’s future. Complete control. For many, that is all they have ever known in life anyway, and take comfort in knowing someone is watching and controlling them, the same people that have lived a life and career modelled on a hierarchy of control levels of promotion/rewards. Eat your vegetables and get your dessert.


For those that do not subscribe to this new Global ID system, your world will be increasingly difficult as the vice tightens. This has been a programmed slow turn of the vice, much like the neck rings of the Padaung-Kayan Lahwi women of the Kayan people who begin to wear metal neck coils from as young as the age of
two. Ever so slowly the coils are increased gradually so the person won’t notice the pain of their neck and bones being conditioned to conform to the coils.

In 1952, Solomon Asch, a pioneer in social psychology, conducted social experiments that suggest that conformity can be influenced both by a need to fit in and a belief that other people are smarter or better informed and thus have the right answer. ‘The greater man’s ignorance of the principles of his social surroundings, the more subject is he to their control; and the greater his knowledge of their operations and of their necessary consequences, the freer he can become with regard to them.’

Over the last 19 months, a slow grooming of control systems have been implemented…stand on this dot on the floor, follow this arrow, do not use cash, do not touch this, cover your face, do not go here.

Now, the final piece of the great puzzle is being put in place, and the majority of the citizens will not care, most welcoming it in fact. You are being conditioned like Pavlov’s dog’s with Stockholm Syndrome, your existence based on the hope that what comes next will remove the cage you are in, however, you never realize the cage is in fact, only getting smaller.

Enjoy the coming New Digital ID system…I just checked it off my list…

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